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RadioShowLinks is a proven way to attract audience - and to maintain audience - stickiness.

By presenting the attractive block below your users see fresh, dynamic content that is useful and entertaining. This information can be either focused directly on your user's interests, e.g., business and investing, or you can alternate between various channels.

The following block displays our "Popular Internet Radio Shows' dChannel. See below for how to use this block on your web page as well as how to customize it for a specific channel of interest to you. Please contact us if you will be using this in a volume manner so that we can plan our resources appropriately - Thanks!

The code to insert in your page can be cut and pasted from the following text box.

You can customize the display to a different dChannel.. Simply replace all occurences of "c119" in the code snippet with the following text:

  Channel   Text Snippet
Popular Internet Radio Shows c119
Top Public Radio Shows c118
News Internet Radio Shows and Stations c106
Classical Music from Public Radio c105
Jazz Music Shows from Public Radio c104
Business, Investing, and Personal Finance c117
Science and Technology Radio Shows c122
Selected Contemporary Music Internet Radio Stations c114

More channels, shows, and stations are being constantly added. Please feel free to contact us about your personal needs.

We are always interested in the placement of advertisement. Please contact us with your needs.

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